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Microsoft Access     
I have been building database applications in Microsoft Access since September 1995. I have built client-server systems for dozens of companies and departments whose needs range from small membership tracking systems to order-invoice systems on a global scale. These systems typically are built to run on client-server systems so that users retrieve and manipulate data in a central repository. Data modified by one user is available to all other users.

Active Server Pages  
More recently I have been building web site systems using Active Server Pages. These systems allow the data in a Microsoft Access database to be available to anyone connected to the web using a web browser such as Internet Explorer. The advantage of this system is that the data on the web site is updated immediately as the database on the company server is updated. This means that anyone who can enter data in a computer screen can maintain a web site without writing computer code!

Active Server Pages allow companies and organizations to make certain elements of their databases available to customers, traveling employees, workers located away from a central office, etc. on the web. For example, customers can order products or make reservations. Remote workers can view corporate data and make entries to a central database. Members can view schedules, event lists and other organization info.

To see some samples of web sites that I have built that are driven by Access databases, visit my commercial website at Gulf Stream Media

Streaming Media Web Hosting  
Another element of web page design that I am involved in is streamming media. In order to have a platform for streamming media web projects, my partner Miguel DelValle and I have established Gulf Stream Media . The initial mission of GSM was to create a platform where organizations could exhibit promotional video tapes to a wide audience.

Today GSM has evolved into a platform not only for streamming media, but also for data driven web site development, as well as basic "pictures and text" web development.

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