Computer Programming

While teaching at the Art Institute of Dallas, I developed an interest in computers. I discovered I had a knack for making them work. In September, 1995, I decided to see if I could find work in the computer industry.

My second job interview led me to Michael Hahn, director of the Applications Development department at SabreData, a systems integration company based in Austin.   

During the 2 years that I was with SabreData, Michael handled most of the sales, while I did most of the development.  We completed database applications in Microsoft Access for several companies, including Specialized Marketing, Inc., PacifiCare of Texas and Central Dallas Association.

Michael Hahn and I putting together the web server that you are currently logged onto.
Jan 2000

Michael left the company in the beginning of 1997. Since there was no one left to market the service, I finished the work he had lined up and left the company myself in October 1997.

What are the chances???

As it turns out, Michael's mother's maiden name is Clendenan (close enough). His family has passed the maternal name through the family as a middle name. One of his older brothers is called Bruce Clendenan Hahn.

This picture of us was taken at a Hahn family picnic at their "place in the woods" in Bastrop, Texas

With Bruce Clendenan Hahn.
May 1999

Access Guy

The Microsoft Access skills that I picked up at SabreData proved to be in great demand.  I have been working steadily since.

After leaving SabreData, Michael started a computer services company called Outback Coyote Company.  I began doing applications development for him soon after.  We completed several projects for various clients.

Through various placement agencies, I have forged relationships with over a dozen companies that have database application needs.  Among them are Beal Bank, Pegasus Parking Ventures, Inc., Chatham Technologies, The 500, Inc., Andrew Corporation, Domain Networks, Trinity Industries, Webb Cooley Company and Dallas Can! Academy.

For a more detailed description of my work history in the computer industry, download my resume and complete work history..

Bruce at the computer
Jan 2000

Bruce at his desk loading yet another song onto the web site.

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