Color Slide Show

The Color show was a full 4 hours long. That was about the amount of time that a band has to fill when they do a bar gig. Two thirds of the show was original music that Ken and I had written, along with a few songs that Mike and Ken wrote. The other third consisted of three medleys of classic and progressive rock songs that we liked (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Who, Clapton, CSN, etc.)

Color slide show
Jul 1985

Color slide show
Nov 1985

I have compiled a set of Color CDs. These recordings (available as streaming audio files on the Color page) are a pretty good example of what this music was all about.

As we were completing the recording sessions for the Color project. It occurred to us that no matter how interesting the music was, the visual element of having only the two of us on stage would decrease the impact of the show. We came up with the idea of a multimedia show. We decided to use slides. It was practical and doable. Plus it had the added advantage that we could make the images huge for a relatively small amount of money.

Color slide show
Sep 1986

Color slide show
Dec 1985

We put together a projection rig that included two slide projectors with wide angle lenses and a dissolve unit that we could drive with one channel of the Otari. Using this system, we could program the slides to change with the rhythm of the music.

We spent months storyboarding the songs and shooting well over 2000 slides.

Color slide show
Feb 1986

Color slide show
Aug 1985

We had some great help for those shoots. We did two shoots at the TV studio using the lighting and video effects. These sessions produced pictures of us playing the various instruments that were shown during instrumental sections.

The main live action photographer was Phil Thompson, my co-producer at TV-25. We actually scripted many of the songs and shot the storylines in slides. Mike and I shot a lot of the slides ourselves. We begged, borrowed and stole images anywhere we could get our hands on them.

Color slide show
Nov 1985
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