Art Institute of Dallas

During this period, Mike had been working at TM Communications, one of the big recording studios in Dallas. Through his affiliation with the studio, he got an offer as an audio production instructor at a local private college. One night In August 1998, he called from work and said his boss needed to hire a video teacher. He put Terry Pope on the phone, and suddenly I was a video production instructor.

During my six years as an instructor at the Art Institute of Dallas , I introduced thousands of first quarter students to their first video camera. I can tell you that if you live in Dallas (and probably lots of other places too) a lot of them are shooting video that you see on TV. They are everywhere...every audio/video production company, A/V departments in corporations and schools...every rock you turn over, they're there.

Art Institute of Dallas remote shoot

Here I am (with fellow instructor from the Fashion Merchandising dept, Debra Wallace) guiding Don Parker through directing his first live video shoot. I later wound up working with Don at Cable Access of Dallas, where he would later become Operations Manager. In the background is Bill Boswell, another ex-Dentonite, who was teaching concert production and event lighting at the time. Bill had been on tour with Genesis before joining the school.

Each quarter, Bills advanced class produced a concert. Mike always served as faculty advisor to the audio crew, and I was faculty advisor for the video crew.

Here we are watching the proceedings at one of these concerts from the back of the room.

Art Institute of Dallas remote shoot

Among the many projects I video taped with student help during those six years were several fashion shows. Here you see yet another ad hoc control room set up in a dressing area at the Apparel Mart. This particular fashion show was attended by 1500 college girls from the region.

Art Institute of Dallas remote shoot
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