The Shitheads

 Joe Shit realized that if he was to become a professional musician, he would have to change his name.

Deciding on Jack Shit, he took his guitar  and rented a mini-warehouse on the outskirts of town.  There, he and bassist Richard Head would jam for hours on end.  They really stank.

Dick realized that they would have to augment the group.  Jack enlisted the help of two Frenchmen from Paris, Texas.  Xavier Crement on drums gave them the beat they so desperately needed.  Jaques Strappe would collaborate with Jack on much of the bands material. The new band realized that they needed some way to transport their equipment.  It was then that they recruited Turd Fathom, keyboardist and part time dump truck driver.  

After months of work they still stank.  But now they had a purpose.  Soon The Shitheads would attempt to make enough money to feed themselves.

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