Freak Out!

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01_Hungry Freaks, Daddy.mp3
02_I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
03_Who Are the Brain Police-.mp3
04_Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder.mp3
05_Motherly Love.mp3
06_How Could I Be Such a Fool-.mp3
07_Wowie Zowie.mp3
08_You Didn't Try to Call Me.mp3
09_Any Way the Wind Blows.mp3
10_I'm Not Satisfied.mp3
11_You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here.mp3
12_Trouble Every Day.mp3
13_Help, I'm a Rock.mp3
14_It Can't Happen Here.mp3
Absolutely Free

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01_Plastic People.mp3
02_The Duke of Prunes.mp3
03_Amnesia Vivace.mp3
04_The Duke Regains His Chops.mp3
05_Call Any Vegetable.mp3
06_Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin.mp3
07_Soft-Sell Conclusion.mp3
08_Big Leg Emma [-].mp3
09_Why Don'tcha Do Me Right- [-].mp3
10_America Drinks.mp3
11_Status Back Baby.mp3
12_Uncle Bernie's Farm.mp3
13_Son of Suzy Creamcheese.mp3
14_Brown Shoes Don't Make It.mp3
15_America Drinks and Goes Home.mp3
Lumpy Gravy

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01_Lumpy Gravy, Pt. 1.mp3
02_Lumpy Gravy , Pt. 2.mp3
We're Only in It for the Money

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01_Are You Hung Up-.mp3
02_Who Needs the Peace Corps-.mp3
03_Concentration Moon.mp3
04_Mom and Dad.mp3
05_Telephone Conversation.mp3
06_Bow Tie Daddy.mp3
07_Harry, You're a Beast.mp3
08_What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body-.mp3
09_Absolutely Free.mp3
10_Flower Punk.mp3
11_Hot Poop.mp3
12_Nasal Retentive Calliope Music.mp3
13_Let's Make the Water Turn Black.mp3
14_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3
15_Lonely Little Girl.mp3
16_Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance.mp3
17_What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body (Reprise).mp3
18_Mother People.mp3
19_The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny.mp3
Cruising with Ruben & the Jets

cover not available
01_Cheap Thrills.mp3
02_Love of My Life.mp3
03_How Could I Be Such a Fool-.mp3
05_I'm Not Satisfied.mp3
06_Jelly Roll Gum Drop.mp3
08_Later That Night.mp3
09_You Didn't Try to Call Me.mp3
10_Fountain of Love.mp3
11_No. No. No.mp3
12_Any Way the Wind Blows.mp3
13_Stuff Up the Cracks.mp3
Uncle Meat

cover not available
01_Uncle Meat- Main Title Theme.mp3
02_The Voice of Cheese.mp3
03_Nine Types of Industrial Pollution.mp3
04_Zolar Czakl.mp3
05_Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague.mp3
06_The Legend of the Golden Arches.mp3
07_Louie Louie (At the Royal Albert Hall in London).mp3
08_The Dog Breath Variations.mp3
09_Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
10_Our Bizarre Relationship.mp3
11_The Uncle Meat Variations.mp3
12_Electric Aunt Jemima.mp3
13_Prelude to King Kong.mp3
14_God Bless America [Live at the Whisky a Go Go].mp3
15_A Pound for a Brown on the Bus.mp3
16_Ian Underwood Whips It Out [Live on Stage in Copenhagen].mp3
17_Mr. Green Genes.mp3
18_We Can Shoot You.mp3
19_If We'd All Been Living in California.mp3
20_The Air.mp3
21_Project X.mp3
22_Cruisin' for Burgers.mp3
23_Uncle Meat Film Excerpt, Pt. 1.mp3
24_Tengo Na Minchia Tanta.mp3
25_Uncle Meat Film Excerpt, Pt. 2.mp3
26_King Kong Itself [Played by the Mothers].mp3
27_King Kong II [Interpreted by Tom Dewild].mp3
28_King Kong III [Motorhead Explains It].mp3
29_King Kong IV [Gardner Varieties].mp3
30_King Kong V.mp3
31_King Kong VI [Live at Miami Pop Festival].mp3
Hot Rats

cover not available
01_Peaches en Regalia.mp3
02_Willie the Pimp.mp3
03_Son of Mr. Green Genes.mp3
04_Little Umbrellas.mp3
05_The Gumbo Variations.mp3
06_It Must Be a Camel.mp3
Burnt Weeny Sandwich

cover not available
02_Igor's Boogie, Phase One.mp3
03_Overture to a Holiday in Berlin.mp3
04_Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich.mp3
05_Igor's Boogie, Phase Two.mp3
06_Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown.mp3
07_Aybe Sea.mp3
08_Little House I Used to Live In.mp3
Weasels Ripped My Flesh

cover not available
01_Didja Get Any Onya.mp3
02_Directly From My Heart to You.mp3
03_Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask.mp3
04_Toads of the Short Forest.mp3
05_Get a Little.mp3
06_Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue.mp3
07_Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula.mp3
08_My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.mp3
09_Oh No.mp3
10_The Orange County Lumber Truck.mp3
11_Weasels Ripped My Flesh.mp3
The Mothers 1970

cover not available
01_Red Tubular Lighter.mp3
02_Lola Steponsky.mp3
03_Trident Chatter.mp3
04_Sharleena (Roy Thomas Baker Mix).mp3
05_Item 1.mp3
06_Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal).mp3
07_Enormous Cadenza.mp3
09_Red Tubular Lighter (Unedited Master).mp3
10_Wonderful Wino (Basic Tracks Alternate Take).mp3
11_Giraffe (Take 4).mp3
12_Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal Alternate Solo).mp3
Chunga's Revenge

cover not available
01_Transylvania Boogie.mp3
02_Road Ladies.mp3
03_Twenty Small Cigars.mp3
04_The Nancy & Mary Music.mp3
05_Tell Me You Love Me.mp3
06_Would You Go All the Way-.mp3
07_Chunga's Revenge.mp3
08_The Clap.mp3
09_Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink.mp3
200 Motels

cover not available
01_Semi-Fraudulent-Direct-From-Hollywood Overture.mp3
02_Mystery Roach.mp3
03_Dance of the Rock & Roll Interviewers.mp3
04_This Town Is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Prologue).mp3
05_Tuna Fish Promenade.mp3
06_Dance of the Just Plain Folks.mp3
07_This Town Is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Reprise).mp3
08_The Sealed Tuna Bolero.mp3
09_Lonesome Cowboy Burt.mp3
10_Touring Can Make You Crazy.mp3
11_Would You Like a Snack-.mp3
12_Redneck Eats.mp3
14_She Painted up Her Face.mp3
15_Janet's Big Dance Number.mp3
16_Half a Dozen Provacative Squats.mp3
18_Shove It Right In.mp3
19_Lucy's Seduction of a Bored Violinist & Postlude.mp3
20_I'm Stealing the Towels.mp3
21_Dental Hygiene Dilemma.mp3
22_Does This Kind of Life Look Interesting to You-.mp3
23_Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.mp3
24_Penis Dimension.mp3
25_What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning.mp3
26_A Nun Suit Painted on Some Old Boxes.mp3
27_Magic Fingers.mp3
28_Motorhead's Midnight Ranch.mp3
29_Dew on the Newts We Got.mp3
30_The Lad Searches the Night for His Newts.mp3
31_The Girl Wants to Fix Him Some Broth.mp3
32_The Girl's Dream.mp3
33_Little Green Scratchy Sweaters & Corduroy Ponce.mp3
34_Strictly Genteel (The Finale).mp3
35_Coming Soon! [-][Cut 1][Take].mp3
36_The Wide Screen Erupts [-][Cut 2][Take].mp3
37_Coming Soon! [-][Cut 3][Take].mp3
38_Frank Zappa's 200 Motels [-][Cut 4][Take].mp3
39_Magic Fingers [-][Single Edit].mp3
Finer Moments

cover not available
03_Mozart Piano Sonata In B?.mp3
04_The Walking Zombie Music.mp3
05_The Old Curiosity Shoppe.mp3
06_You Never Know Who Your Friends Are.mp3
07_Uncle Rhebus.mp3
08_Music From The Big Squeeze.mp3
09_Enigmas 1 Thru 5.mp3
10_Pumped And Waxed.mp3
11_There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die.mp3
12_Squeeze It, Squeeze It, Squeeze It.mp3
13_The Subcutaneous Peril.mp3
Just Another Band from L.A

cover not available
01_Billy the Mountain.mp3
02_Call Any Vegetable.mp3
03_Eddie, Are You Kidding-.mp3
05_Dog Breath.mp3

cover not available
01_Big Swifty.mp3
02_Your Mouth.mp3
03_It Just Might Be a One-Shot Deal.mp3
The Grand Wazoo

cover not available
01_For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch-Hikers).mp3
02_The Grand Wazoo.mp3
03_Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus.mp3
04_Eat That Question.mp3
05_Blessed Relief.mp3
Overnite Sensation

cover not available
01_Camarillo Brillo.mp3
02_I'm the Slime.mp3
03_Dirty Love.mp3
05_Zomby Woof.mp3
06_Dinah Moe Humm.mp3
Overnite Sensation\Disc 2 Bonus

cover not available
01_Wonderful Wino (Complete Edit).mp3
02_Inca Roads (1973 Version - 2023 Mix).mp3
03_RDNZL (1973 Mix).mp3
04_For The Young Sophisticate (Dolby EQ Copy).mp3
05_I'm The Slime (Single Version).mp3
06_Montana (Single Edit With Intro).mp3
07_Inca Roads (Bolic Take-Home Mix).mp3
08_RDNZL (Take 2).mp3
09_X-Forts (Echidna's Arf (Of You)).mp3
10_Camarillo Brillo (Alternate Mix).mp3
11_Face Down (I'm The Slime Demo).mp3
12_I'm The Slime (Basic Track Outtake).mp3
13_Dirty Love (Session Rehearsal).mp3
14_Dirty Love (With Quad Guitar).mp3
15_Fifty-Fifty (Pipe Organ Intro Improvisations).mp3
16_Fifty-Fifty (Basic Tracks, Take 7).mp3
17_Dinah-Moe Humm (Session Rehearsal).mp3
18_Dinah-Moe Humm (Bolic Take-Home Mix).mp3
19_Montana (Bolic Take-Home Mix).mp3
Apostrophe (')

cover not available
01_Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.mp3
02_Nanook Rubs It.mp3
03_St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast.mp3
04_Father O'Blivion.mp3
05_Cosmik Debris.mp3
06_Excentrifugal Forz.mp3
08_Uncle Remus.mp3
Roxy & Elsewhere

cover not available
01_Penguin in Bondage.mp3
02_Pygmy Twylyte.mp3
03_Dummy Up.mp3
04_Village of the Sun.mp3
05_Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
06_Don't You Ever Wash That Thing-.mp3
08_Son of Orange County.mp3
09_More Trouble Every Day.mp3
10_Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen's Church).mp3
Joe's Camouflage

cover not available
01 - Phyniox ( Take 1).mp3
02 - T'Mershi Duween.mp3
03 - Reeny Ra.mp3
04 - "Who Do You Think You Are".mp3
05 - "Slack `Em All Down".mp3
06 - Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me.mp3
07 - The Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
08 - Sleep Dirt - In Rehearsal.mp3
09 - Black Napkins.mp3
10 - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance.mp3
11 - Denny & Froggy Relate.mp3
12 - "Choose Your Foot".mp3
13 - Any Downers.mp3
14 - Phyniox ( Take 2).mp3
15 - "I Heard A Note!".mp3
One Size Fits All

cover not available
01_Inca Roads.mp3
02_Can't Afford No Shoes.mp3
03_Sofa No. 1.mp3
04_Po-Jama People.mp3
05_Florentine Pogen.mp3
06_Evelyn, A Modified Dog.mp3
07_San Ber'dino.mp3
09_Sofa No. 2.mp3
Bongo Fury

cover not available
01_Debra Kadabra.mp3
02_Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy.mp3
03_Sam With the Showing Scalp Flat Top.mp3
04_Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead.mp3
05_200 Years Old.mp3
07_Advance Romance.mp3
08_Man With the Woman Head.mp3
09_Muffin Man.mp3
Zoot Allures

cover not available
01_Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station.mp3
02_Black Napkins.mp3
03_The Torture Never Stops.mp3
04_Ms. Pinky.mp3
05_Find Her Finer.mp3
06_Friendly Little Finger.mp3
07_Wonderful Wino.mp3
08_Zoot Allures.mp3
09_Disco Boy.mp3

cover not available
01_Re-Gyptian Strut.mp3
02_Naval Aviation in Art-.mp3
03_A Little Green Rosetta.mp3
04_Duck Duck Goose.mp3
05_Down in de Dew.mp3
06_For the Young Sophisticate.mp3
07_Tryin' to Grow a Chin.mp3
08_Broken Hearts Are for Assholes.mp3
09_The Legend of the Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
10_Lemme Take You to the Beach.mp3
11_Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra.mp3
13_Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me-.mp3
14_The Black Page, No. 1.mp3
15_Big Leg Emma.mp3
16_Punky's Whips.mp3
18_The Purple Lagoon.mp3
19_Pedro's Dowry.mp3
21_Spider of Destiny.mp3
22_Duke of Orchestral Prunes.mp3
23_Filthy Habits.mp3
24_Titties 'N Beer.mp3
25_The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution.mp3
26_The Adventures of Greggery Peccary.mp3
27_Regyptian Strut (1993).mp3
28_Leather Goods.mp3
29_Revenge of the Knick Knack People.mp3
30_Time Is Money.mp3
Joe's Garage

cover not available
01_Central Scrutinizer.mp3
02_Joe's Garage.mp3
03_Catholic Girls.mp3
04_Crew Slut.mp3
05_Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt.mp3
06_On the Bus.mp3
07_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee-.mp3
08_Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up.mp3
09_Scrutinizer Postlude.mp3
10_A Token of My Extreme.mp3
11_Stick It Out.mp3
12_Sy Borg.mp3
13_Dong Work for Yuda.mp3
14_Keep It Greasey.mp3
15_Outside Now.mp3
16_He Used to Cut the Grass.mp3
17_Packard Goose.mp3
18_Watermelon in Easter Hay.mp3
19_A Little Green Rosetta.mp3
Sheik Yerbouti

cover not available
01_I Have Been in You.mp3
03_Broken Hearts Are for Assholes.mp3
04_I'm So Cute.mp3
05_Jones Crusher.mp3
06_What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the World.mp3
07_Rat Tomago.mp3
08_Wait a Minute.mp3
09_Bobby Brown Goes Down.mp3
10_Rubber Shirt.mp3
11_The Sheik Yerbouti Tango.mp3
12_Baby Snakes.mp3
13_Trying' to Grow a Chin.mp3
14_City of Tiny Lites.mp3
15_Dancin' Fool.mp3
16_Jewish Princess.mp3
17_Wild Love.mp3
18_Yo' Mama.mp3
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar

cover not available
02_Hog Heaven.mp3
03_Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar.mp3
04_While You Were Out.mp3
05_Treacherous Cretins.mp3
06_Heavy Duty Judy.mp3
07_Soup 'n Old Clothes.mp3
08_Variations on the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression.mp3
09_Gee, I Like Your Pants.mp3
11_Ship Ahoy.mp3
12_The Deathless Horsie.mp3
13_Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Some More.mp3
14_Pink Napkins.mp3
15_Beat It with Your Fist.mp3
16_Return of the Son of Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar.mp3
17_Pinocchio's Furniture.mp3
18_Why Johnny Can't Read.mp3
19_Stucco Homes.mp3
20_Canard du Jour.mp3
Tinseltown Rebellion

cover not available
01_Fine Girl.mp3
02_Easy Meat.mp3
03_For the Young Sophisticate.mp3
04_Love of My Life.mp3
05_I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
06_Panty Rap.mp3
07_Tell Me You Love Me.mp3
08_Now You See It- Now You Don't.mp3
09_Dance Contest.mp3
10_The Blue Light.mp3
11_Tinsel Town Rebellion.mp3
12_Pick Me, I'm Clean.mp3
13_Bamboozled by Love.mp3
14_Brown Shoes Don't Make It.mp3
15_Peaches III.mp3
You Are What You Is

cover not available
01_Teen-Age Wind.mp3
02_Harder Than Your Husband.mp3
04_Goblin Girl.mp3
05_Theme from the 3rd Movement of Sinister Footwear.mp3
06_Society Pages.mp3
07_I'm a Beautiful Guy.mp3
08_Beauty Knows No Pain.mp3
09_Charlie's Enormous Mouth.mp3
10_Any Downers-.mp3
12_You Are What You Is.mp3
13_Mudd Club.mp3
14_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
15_Dumb All Over.mp3
16_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
17_Suicide Chump.mp3
18_Jumbo Go Away.mp3
19_If Only She Woulda.mp3
20_Drafted Again.mp3
Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch

cover not available
01_No, Not Now.mp3
02_Valley Girl.mp3
03_I Come from Nowhere.mp3
04_Drowning Witch.mp3
06_Teen-Age Prostitute.mp3
The Man from Utopia

cover not available
01_Cocaine Decisions.mp3
03_Tink Walks Amok.mp3
04_The Radio Is Broken.mp3
05_We Are Not Alone.mp3
06_The Dangerous Kitchen.mp3
07_The Man from Utopia Meets Mary Lou (Medley).mp3
08_Stick Together.mp3
09_The Jazz Discharge Party Hats.mp3
10_Luigi and The Wise Guys.mp3
Them or Us

cover not available
01_The Closer You Are.mp3
02_In France.mp3
03_Ya Hozna.mp3
05_Sinister Footwear II.mp3
06_Truck Driver Divorce.mp3
07_Stevie's Spanking.mp3
08_Baby, Take Your Teeth Out.mp3
09_Marque-Son's Chicken.mp3
10_Planet of My Dreams.mp3
11_Be in My Video.mp3
12_Them or Us.mp3
13_Frogs With Dirty Little Lips.mp3
14_Whipping Post.mp3

cover not available
02_The Mammy Nuns.mp3
03_Harry and Rhonda.mp3
04_Galoot Up-Date.mp3
05_The 'Torchum' Never Stops.mp3
06_That Evil Prince.mp3
07_You Are What You Is.mp3
08_Mudd Club.mp3
09_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
10_Clowns on Velvet.mp3
12_He's So Gay.mp3
13_The Massive Improve'lence.mp3
14_Artificial Rhonda.mp3
15_The Crab-Grass Baby.mp3
16_The White Boy Troubles.mp3
17_No Not Now.mp3
18_Briefcase Boogie.mp3
19_Brown Moses.mp3
20_Wistful Wit A Fist-Full.mp3
21_Drop Dead.mp3
22_Won Ton On.mp3
Congress Shall Make No Law

cover not available
01 - Congress Shall Make No Law.mp3
02 - Perhaps in Maryland.mp3
03 - thou shalt have no other gods before me.mp3
04 - thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.mp3
06 - thou shalt keep holy the Sabbath day.mp3
07 - thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother.mp3
08 - thou shalt not Kill.mp3
09 - thou shalt not commit adultery.mp3
10 - thou shalt not steal.mp3
11 - thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.mp3
12 - thou shalt not covet the house of thy neighbor.mp3
13 - Reagan at Bitburg some more.mp3
Meets the Mothers of Prevention

cover not available
01_I Don't Even Care.mp3
02_One Man, One Vote.mp3
03_Little Beige Sambo.mp3
04_Aerobics in Bondage.mp3
05_We're Turning Again.mp3
06_Alien Orifice.mp3
07_Yo Cats.mp3
08_What's New in Baltimore-.mp3
09_Porn Wars.mp3
Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison

cover not available
01 - Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison.mp3
02 - Buffalo Voice.mp3
03 - Secular Humanism.mp3
04 - Worms From Hell.mp3
05 - Samba Funk.mp3
Jazz From Hell

cover not available
01_Night School.mp3
02_The Beltway Bandits.mp3
03_While You Were Art II.mp3
04_Jazz from Hell.mp3
05_G-Spot Tornado.mp3
06_Damp Ankles.mp3
07_St. Etienne.mp3
08_Massaggio Galore.mp3
Broadway the Hard Way

cover not available
01_Elvis Has Just Left the Building.mp3
02_Planet of the Baritone Women.mp3
03_Any Kind of Pain.mp3
04_Dickie's Such an Asshole.mp3
05_When the Lie's So Big.mp3
06_Rhymin' Man.mp3
08_The Untouchables.mp3
09_Why Don't You Like Me-.mp3
10_Bacon Fat.mp3
11_Stolen Moments.mp3
12_Murder by Numbers.mp3
13_Jezebel Boy.mp3
14_Outside Now.mp3
15_Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel.mp3
16_What Kind of Girl-.mp3
17_Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk.mp3
The Yellow Shark

cover not available
02_Dog Breath Variations.mp3
03_Uncle Meat.mp3
04_Outrage at Valdez.mp3
05_Times Beach II.mp3
06_III Revised.mp3
07_The Girl in the Magnesium Dress.mp3
08_Be-Bop Tango.mp3
09_Ruth Is Sleeping.mp3
10_None of the Above.mp3
11_Pentagon Afternoon.mp3
12_Questi Cazzi Di Piccione.mp3
13_Times Beach III.mp3
14_Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America, 1992.mp3
15_Welcome to the United States.mp3
16_Pound for a Brown.mp3
17_Exercise, No. 4.mp3
18_Get Whitey.mp3
19_G-Spot Tornado.mp3
Dance Me This

cover not available
01 Dance Me This.mp3
02 Pachuco Gavotte.mp3
03 Wolf Harbor.mp3
04 Wolf Harbor II.mp3
05 Wolf Harbor III.mp3
06 Wolf Harbor IV.mp3
07 Wolf Harbor V.mp3
08 Goat Polo.mp3
09 Rykoniki.mp3
10 Piano.mp3
11 Calculus.mp3
Civilization Phaze III

cover not available
01_This Is Phaze III.mp3
02_Put a Motor in Yourself.mp3
04_They Made Me Eat It.mp3
05_Reagan at Bitburg.mp3
06_A Very Nice Body.mp3
08_How the Pigs' Music Works.mp3
09_Xmas Values.mp3
10_Dark Water!.mp3
12_Have You Heard Their Band-.mp3
13_Religious Superstition.mp3
14_Saliva Can Only Take So Much.mp3
15_Buffalo Voice.mp3
16_Someplace Else Right Now.mp3
17_Get a Life.mp3
18_A Kayak (On Snow).mp3
20_I Wish Motorhead Would Come Back.mp3
21_Secular Humanism.mp3
22_Attack! Attack! Attack!.mp3
23_I Was in a Drum.mp3
24_A Different Octave.mp3
25_This Ain't CNN.mp3
26_The Pigs' Music.mp3
27_A Pig With Wings.mp3
28_This Is All Wrong.mp3
29_Hot and Putrid.mp3
30_Flowing Inside-Out.mp3
31_I Had a Dream About That.mp3
32_Gross Man.mp3
33_A Tunnel into Muck.mp3
34_Why Not-.mp3
35_Put a Little Motor in Em.mp3
36_You're Just Insultin' Me, Aren't You!.mp3
37_Cold Light Generation.mp3
38_Dio Fa.mp3
39_That Would Be the End of That.mp3
40_Beat the Reaper.mp3
Frankly a Cappella

cover not available
02_Any Way the Wind Blows.mp3
03_Electric Aunt Jemima.mp3
04_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
06_Cheap Thrills.mp3
07_Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel.mp3
08_Love of My Life.mp3
09_You Are What You Is.mp3
10_Interlude 2.mp3
11_Harder Than Your Husband.mp3
12_Find Her Finer.mp3
13_Interlude 3.mp3
14_My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.mp3
15_Tears Began to Fall-Mystery Track.mp3
Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

cover not available
01_Anyway The Wind Blows.mp3
02_Youre Probably Wondering Why Im Here.mp3
03_Everytime I See You.mp3
04_Motherly Love.mp3
05_Memories Of El Monte (Live At Whisky a Go-Go Los Angeles 1968).mp3
06_Oh! In The Sky (Live At Whisky a Go-Go Los Angeles 1968).mp3
07_The Duke (Live At Whisky a Go-Go Los Angeles 1968).mp3
08_How Could I Be Such A Fool_.mp3
09_The Reason We Have Stayed Together_.mp3
10_Black Beauty.mp3
11_Absolutely Free.mp3
12_You Didnt Try To Call Me (Basic Tracks).mp3
13_Agency Man (Studio Version).mp3
14_Oh No.mp3
15_Mother People.mp3
16_The Firebird Suite_ Finale.mp3
17_FZ On VarŠse.mp3
19_The Captains Fat Theresa Shoes.mp3
20_No Longer Umpire.mp3
21_Road Ladies.mp3
22_Call Any Vegetable Excerpts (Live At Fillmore West November 6 1970).mp3
23_Happy Together (Live At Fillmore West 1970).mp3
24_Scumbag (Live At Fillmore East NYC 1971).mp3
25_Your Mouth.mp3
26_Cheepnis (Live At The Roxy Los Angeles 12_10_73 _ Show 1).mp3
27_Apostrophe (Live In Los Angeles Rehearsal Hall June 21 1974).mp3
28_Muffin Man (Live At The Palladium NYC October 28 1977).mp3
29_Dancin' Fool (Live On Saturday Night Live October 21 1978).mp3
30_Mos Vacation (Live In Munich Germany August 31 1978).mp3
31_The Black Page #1 (Piano Version).mp3
32_Sofa (Live At The Palladium NYC 1976 _ 1977 Mix).mp3
33_Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt.mp3
34_Valley Girl.mp3
35_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (Live At The Pier NYC 1984).mp3
36_H.R. 2911.mp3
37_G-Spot Tornado.mp3
38_Franks Library.mp3
39_Edgewood Arsenal.mp3
40_Frank's Parents.mp3
41_The Blackouts.mp3
42_Greeting Cards.mp3
43_Studio Z.mp3
44_Frank Goes To Jail.mp3
45_Musically Difficult.mp3
46_The Parts Are Complicated.mp3
47_Murray Romans TV Show.mp3
48_Frank Put His Foot Down.mp3
49_Laurel Canyon.mp3
50_The Manson Family.mp3
51_Are We Going To Get Paid.mp3
52_Steve Vais Perspective.mp3
53_Frank Could Be Hardcore.mp3
54_Bruce Bickford's Zappa Head.mp3
55_If Im Alive.mp3
56_Keep This Guy Under Check.mp3
57_Franks Business Perspective.mp3
58_Fake It.mp3
59_Dont Have Any Friends.mp3
60_Hi Im Moon.mp3
61_Frank Addresses Congress.mp3
62_Turn Off That Zappa Music.mp3
63_Frank Getting Sick.mp3
65_Overture (Live In Frankfurt Germany September 19 1992).mp3
66_Get Whitey.mp3
67_Nap Time.mp3
68_Watermelon In Easter Hay (Live 1978).mp3
Funky Nothingness\CD1

cover not available
01_Funky Nothingness.mp3
02_Tommy-Vincent Duo I.mp3
03_Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild.mp3
04_I'm A Rollin' Stone.mp3
05_Chunga's Revenge (Basement Version).mp3
06_Basement Jam.mp3
07_Work With Me Annie - Annie Had A Baby.mp3
08_Tommy-Vincent Duo II.mp3
09_Sharleena (1970 Record Plant Mix).mp3
10_Khaki Sack.mp3
11_Twinkle Tits.mp3
Funky Nothingness\CD2

cover not available
01_Chunga's Revenge (Take 5).mp3
02_Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild (Take 4).mp3
03_Transylvania Boogie (Unedited Master).mp3
04_Sharleena (Unedited Master).mp3
05_Work With Me Annie - Annie Had A Baby (Alternate Edit).mp3
06_Twinkle Tits (Take 1, False Start).mp3
07_Twinkle Tits (Take 2).mp3
Funky Nothingness\CD3

cover not available
01_The Clap (Unedited Master - Pt. I).mp3
02_The Clap (Unedited Master - Pt. II).mp3
03_Tommy-Vincent Duo.mp3
04_Chunga's Revenge (Take 8).mp3
05_Halos And Arrows.mp3
06_Moldred (Take 8).mp3
07_Fast Funky Nothingness.mp3
Ahead of Their Time

cover not available
01_Prologue (Bogus Pomp).mp3
03_Like It or Not.mp3
04_The Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson.mp3
05_Holding the Group Back.mp3
06_Holiday in Berlin.mp3
07_The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves the Stage.mp3
08_Undaunted, the Band Plays On.mp3
09_Agency Man.mp3
11_King Kong.mp3
12_Help, I'm a Rock.mp3
13_Transylvania Boogie.mp3
14_Pound for a Brown.mp3
15_Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
16_Let's Make the Water Turn Black.mp3
17_Harry, You're a Beast.mp3
18_Orange County Lumber Truck, Pt. 1.mp3
19_Oh No.mp3
20_Orange County Lumber Truck, Pt. 2.mp3
Live & Alive

cover not available
01_Big Leg Emma.mp3
02_Some Ballet Music.mp3
03_Status Back Baby.mp3
05_My Guitar.mp3
06_Uncle Meat - King Kong.mp3
07_Opus 5.mp3
08_We are the mothers, this is what we sound like.mp3
09_Run Home Slow.mp3
10_The Jelly.mp3
11_Igor's boogie.mp3
Road Tapes Venue 1

cover not available
01 - The Importance of an Earnest Attempt (By Hand).mp3
02 - Help I'm a Rock - Transylvania Boogie.mp3
03 - Flopsmash Musics.mp3
04 - Hungry Freaks, Daddy.mp3
05 - The Orange County Lumber Truck.mp3
06 - The Rewards of a Career in Music.mp3
07 - Trouble Every Day.mp3
08 - Shortly- Suite Exists of Holiday in Berlin Full Blown.mp3
09 - Pound for a Brown.mp3
10 - Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
11 - Oh, in the Sky.mp3
12 - Octandre.mp3
13 - King Kong.mp3
Swinging Shepherd Blues

cover not available
01_Jazz Improv.mp3
02_Help I'm A Rock & Translyvania Boogie.mp3
03_Baby Love.mp3
04_Big Leg Emma.mp3
05_Holiday In Berlin (Shortly).mp3
06_Trouble Every Day.mp3
07_The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley.mp3
The Mothers 1970\2
Piknik VPRO June 18, 1970 ; Pepperland Sept 26, 1970

cover not available
01_Introducing...The Mothers.mp3
02_Wonderful Wino.mp3
03_Concentration Moon.mp3
04_Mom & Dad.mp3
05_The Air.mp3
06_Dog Breath.mp3
07_Mother People.mp3
08_You Didnt Try To Call Me.mp3
10_Call Any Vegetable.mp3
11_King Kong Pt. I.mp3
12_ Igors Boogie.mp3
13_King Kong Pt. II.mp3
14_What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are (Live At Pepperland San Rafael CA. 9261970).mp3
15_Bwana Dik (Live At Pepperland San Rafael CA. 9261970).mp3
16_Daddy Daddy Daddy (Live At Pepperland San Rafael CA. 9261970).mp3
17_Do You Like My New Car (Live At Pepperland San Rafael CA. 9261970).mp3
18_Happy Together (Live At Pepperland San Rafael CA. 9261970).mp3
The Mothers 1970\3
Hybrid; Santa Monica 8-21-70 ; Spokane 9-17-70

cover not available
01_Welcome To El Monte Legion Stadium!.mp3
03_Call Any Vegetable.mp3
04_Pound For A Brown.mp3
05_Sleeping In A Jar.mp3
07_The Air.mp3
08_Dog Breath.mp3
09_Mother People.mp3
10_You Didnt Try To Call Me.mp3
11_King Kong Pt. I.mp3
12_Igors Boogie).mp3
13_King Kong Pt. II.mp3
14_Eat It Yourself....mp3
15_Trouble Every Day.mp3
16_A Series Of Musical Episodes.mp3
17_Road Ladies.mp3
18_The Holiday Inn Motel Chain.mp3
19_What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening.mp3
20_What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are.mp3
The Mothers 1970\4
FZ Tour Tape Recordings

cover not available
01_Whats The Deal Dick.mp3
02_Another M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath.mp3
03_Paladin Routine #1.mp3
04_Portuguese Fenders.mp3
05_The Sanzini Brothers.mp3
06_Guitar Build 70.mp3
07_Would You Go All The Way.mp3
08_Easy Meat.mp3
09_Who Did It.mp3
10_Turn It Down!.mp3
11_A Chance Encounter In Cincinnati.mp3
12_Pound For A Brown.mp3
13_Sleeping In A Jar.mp3
14_Beloit Sword Trick.mp3
15_King Solos Pt. I.mp3
16_Igors Boogie.mp3
17_King Solos Pt. II.mp3
18_Gris Gris.mp3
19_Paladin Routine #2.mp3
20_King Kong - Outro.mp3
Fillmore East

cover not available
01_Little House I Used to Live In.mp3
02_The Mud Shark.mp3
03_What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are-.mp3
04_Bwana Dik.mp3
05_Latex Solar Beef.mp3
06_Willie the Pimp.mp3
07_Do You Like My New Car-.mp3
08_Happy Together.mp3
09_Lonesome Electric Turkey.mp3
10_Peaches en Regalia.mp3
11_Tears Began to Fall.mp3
Playground Psychotics

cover not available
01_Here Comes the Gear, Lads.mp3
02_Living Garbage Truck].mp3
03_A Typical Sound Track.mp3
04_This Is Neat.mp3
05_The Motel Lobby.mp3
06_Getting Stewed.mp3
07_The Motel Room.mp3
08_Don't Take Me Down.mp3
09_The Dressing Room.mp3
10_Learning 'Penis Dimension'.mp3
11_You There, With the Hard On.mp3
12_Zanti Serenade.mp3
14_Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
15_Don't Eat There.mp3
16_Brixton Still Life.mp3
17_Super Grease.mp3
18_Wonderful Wino.mp3
20_Cruisin' for Burgers.mp3
21_Diptheria Blues.mp3
23_Say Please.mp3
26_A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono.mp3
27_Beer Shampoo.mp3
28_Champagne Lecture.mp3
29_Child Perversions.mp3
30_Playground Psychotics.mp3
31_The Mudshark Interview.mp3
32_There's No Lust in Jazz.mp3
33_Botulism on the Hoof.mp3
34_You Got Your Armies.mp3
35_The Spew King.mp3
36_I'm Doomed.mp3
37_Status Back Baby.mp3
38_The London Cabtape.mp3
39_Concentration Moon, Pt. 1.mp3
40_The Sanzini Brothers.mp3
41_It's a Good Thing We Get Paid to Do This.mp3
42_Concentration Moon, Pt. 2.mp3
43_Mom and Dad.mp3
44_Intro to Music for Low Budget Orchestra.mp3
45_Billy the Mountain.mp3
46_He's Watching Us.mp3
47_If You're Not a Professional Actor.mp3
48_He's Right.mp3
49_Going for the Money.mp3
50_Jeff Quits.mp3
51_A Bunch of Adventures.mp3
52_Martin Lickert's Story.mp3
53_A Great Guy.mp3
54_Bad Acting.mp3
55_Worst Reviews.mp3
56_A Version of Himself.mp3
57_I Could Be a Star Now.mp3
Imaginary Diseases

cover not available
03_Been to Kansas City in a Minor.mp3
04_Farther O'Blivion.mp3
05_D.C. Boogie.mp3
06_Imaginary Diseases.mp3
Overnite Sensation Bonus3
Live In Hollywood, California - Mar. 23

cover not available
02_Dupree's Paradise (Intro).mp3
03_Dupree's Paradise.mp3
04_Cosmik Debris.mp3
05_“The Dynamic Sal Marquez!”.mp3
06_Big Swifty.mp3
07_…The Successor to Willie The Pimp”.mp3
08_The Curse Of The Zomboids (I’m The Slime).mp3
09_Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing.mp3
10_FZ & The Percussion Section.mp3
11_Palladium Jam, Pt. 1.mp3
12_Palladium Jam, Pt. 2.mp3
Overnite Sensation Bonus4
Live In Detroit, Michigan - May 12

cover not available
01_Cobo Hall ’73 Band Intros and Sound Check
02_Exercise #4.mp3
03_Dog Breath.mp3
04_The Dog Breath Variations.mp3
05_Uncle Meat.mp3
07_Inca Roads.mp3
08_FZ Introduces the Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow Medley.mp3
09_Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow.mp3
10_Nanook Rubs It.mp3
11_St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast.mp3
12_Father O’Blivion.mp3
13_St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast (Reprise).mp3
14_Join The March.mp3
15_Cosmik Debris.mp3
16_Medley- King Kong-Chunga’s Revenge-Son Of Mr. Green Genes.mp3
Road Tapes Venue 2

cover not available
02_The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue.mp3
03_Kung Fu.mp3
04_Penguin in Bondage.mp3
05_Exercise #4.mp3
06_Dog Breath.mp3
07_The Dog Breath Variations.mp3
08_Uncle Meat.mp3
11_Your Teeth and Your Shoulders and Sometimes Your Foot Goes Like This...Pojama Prelude.mp3
12_Dupree's Paradise.mp3
13_All SkateDun-Dun-Dun (The Finnish Hit Single).mp3
14_Village of the Sun.mp3
15_Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
16_Don't You Ever Wash That Thing.mp3
17_Big Swifty.mp3
18_Farther O'Blivion.mp3
19_Brown Shoes Don't Make It.mp3
Roxy By Proxy

cover not available
01 - 'Carved in the Rock'.mp3
02 - Inca Roads.mp3
03 - Penguin in Bondage.mp3
04 - T'Mershi Duween.mp3
05 - Dog Breath Variations Uncle Meat.mp3
06 - RDNZL.mp3
07 - Village of the Sun.mp3
08 - Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
09 - Don't You Ever Wash That Thing.mp3
10 - Cheepnis - Percussion.mp3
11 - Cheepnis.mp3
12 - Dupree's Paradise.mp3
13 - King KongChunga's RevengeMr. Green Genes.mp3
Roxy The Movie

cover not available
01 ''Something Terrible Has Happened...''.mp3
02 Cosmik Debris.mp3
03 Penguin In Bondage.mp3
04 T'Mershi Duween.mp3
05 Dog,Meat.mp3
06 Rdnzl.mp3
07 Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
08 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing.mp3
09 Cheepnis-Percussion.mp3
10 Cheepnis.mp3
11 Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church).mp3
Baby Snakes

cover not available
01_Intro Rap.mp3
02_Baby Snakes.mp3
03_Titties and Beer.mp3
04_Black Page, No. 2.mp3
05_Jones Crusher.mp3
06_Disco Boy.mp3
07_Dinah-Moe Humm.mp3
08_Punky's Whips.mp3
Ahoy there! Live in Rotterdam

cover not available
01_Chunga's Revenge.mp3
02_Keep It Greasey.mp3
03_Outside Now.mp3
04_City Of Tiny Lites.mp3
05_Teenage Wind.mp3
06_Bamboozled By Love.mp3
07_Pick Me I'm Clean.mp3
08_Society Pages.mp3
09_I'm A Beautiful Guy.mp3
10_Beauty Knows No Pain.mp3
11_Charlie's Enormous Mouth.mp3
12_Cosmik Debris.mp3
13_You Didn't Try To Call Me.mp3
14_I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
15_Love Of My Life.mp3
16_You Are What You Is.mp3
17_Easy Meat.mp3
18_Joe's Garage.mp3
19_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3
20_Dancin' Fool.mp3
21_Bobby Brown.mp3
22_Ms. Pinky.mp3
23_Encore Break.mp3
24_I Don't Wanna Get Drafted.mp3
25_The Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
Mudd Club-Munich '80\Mudd Club, NYC, May 8, 1980

cover not available
01_Mudd Club Show Start.mp3
02_Chunga’s Revenge.mp3
03_Keep It Greasy.mp3
04_Outside Now.mp3
05_City Of Tiny Lites (Edited).mp3
06_Pound For A Brown.mp3
07_You Are What You Is.mp3
08_You Didn't Try To Call Me.mp3
09_I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
10_Love Of My Life.mp3
11_Easy Meat.mp3
12_Mudd Club.mp3
13_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
14_Joe's Garage.mp3
15_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3
Mudd Club-Munich '80\Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, July 3, 1980

cover not available
16_Munich ’80 Show Start.mp3
17_Chunga’s Revenge.mp3
18_Keep It Greasy.mp3
19_Pick Me, I’m Clean.mp3
20_City Of Tiny Lites.mp3
21_Pound For A Brown.mp3
22_Cosmik Debris.mp3
23_You Didn’t Try To Call Me.mp3
24_I Ain’t Got No Heart.mp3
25_Love Of My Life.mp3
26_You Are What You Is.mp3
27_Easy Meat.mp3
28_Mudd Club.mp3
29_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
30_Joe’s Garage.mp3
31_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3
32_Dancin’ Fool.mp3
33_Bobby Brown Goes Down.mp3
34_Ms. Pinky.mp3
35_Stick It Out.mp3
36_Nite Owl.mp3
37_The Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
Halloween 81\Live At The Palladium
Show 1

cover not available
01_Chungas Revenge.mp3
02_``The Finest Night Of The Year``.mp3
03_You Are What You Is.mp3
04_You Are What You Is.mp3
05_Mudd Club.mp3
06_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
07_Dumb All Over.mp3
08_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
09_Suicide Chump.mp3
10_Jumbo Go Away.mp3
12_Drowning Witch.mp3
13_What`s New In Baltimore.mp3
15_We`re Turning Again.mp3
16_Alien Orifice.mp3
17_Teen-age Prostitute.mp3
19_Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.mp3
20_The Blue Light.mp3
21_Tinsel Town Rebellion.mp3
22_Yo Mama.mp3
23_Bobby Brown Goes Down.mp3
24_City Of Tiny Lites.mp3
25_``We`re Not Gonna Stand For It!``.mp3
26_Strictly Genteel.mp3
27_Dancin` Fool.mp3
28_Whipping Post.mp3
Halloween 81\Live At The Palladium
Show 2

cover not available
01_Black Napkins.mp3
02_``A Historical Event``.mp3
04_Easy Meat.mp3
05_Society Pages.mp3
06_I`m A Beautiful Guy.mp3
07_Beauty Knows No Pain.mp3
08_Charlie`s Enormous Mouth.mp3
09_Fine Girl.mp3
10_Teen-age Wind.mp3
11_Harder Than Your Husband.mp3
12_Bamboozled By Love.mp3
13_Sinister Footwear II.mp3
14_Stevie`s Spanking.mp3
15_Commercial Break.mp3
16_Cocaine Decisions.mp3
17_Nig Biz.mp3
19_Goblin Girl.mp3
20_The Black Page #2.mp3
21_Tryin` To Grow A Chin.mp3
22_Strictly Genteel.mp3
23_The Torture Never Stops.mp3
24_ ``The Real Show Keeps Going``.mp3
25_Joe`s Garage.mp3
26_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3
27_The Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
28_``The Halloween Tradition``.mp3
29_King Kong.mp3
30_Auld Lang Syne.mp3
Halloween 81\Live At The Palladium

cover not available
01_Zoot Allures.mp3
02_``The Last Of Our Halloween Shows``.mp3
03_I`m The Slime.mp3
04_Pound For A Brown.mp3
05_Dave & Al.mp3
06_Cosmik Debris.mp3
08_Easy Meat.mp3
09_Dumb All Over.mp3
10_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
11_Suicide Chump.mp3
12_Jumbo Go Away.mp3
14_Drowning Witch.mp3
15_What`s New In Baltimore.mp3
17_We`re Turning Again.mp3
18_Alien Orifice.mp3
19_Teen-age Prostitute.mp3
20_Sinister Footwear II.mp3
21_Stevie`s Spanking.mp3
22_Cocaine Decisions.mp3
23_Nig Biz.mp3
24_Goblin Girl.mp3
25_The Black Page #2.mp3
26_Whipping Post.mp3
27_ Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.mp3
28_The Torture Never Stops.mp3
One Shot Deal

cover not available
Puttin' On the Ritz

cover not available
01_Treacherous Cretins.mp3
03_Easy Meat.mp3
04_You Are What You Is.mp3
05_Mudd Club.mp3
06_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
07_Dumb All Over.mp3
08_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
09_Suicide Chump.mp3
10_Jumbo Go Away.mp3
12_Drowning Witch.mp3
13_What's New In Baltimore.mp3
15_Bamboozled By Love.mp3
16_Sinister Footwear.mp3
17_Stevie's Spanking.mp3
18_Cocaine Decisions.mp3
19_Niggger Bizness.mp3
21_Goblin Girl.mp3
22_Black Page #2.mp3
23_Tryin' To Grow a Chin.mp3
24_Strictly Genteel.mp3
25_Clowns on Velvet.mp3
26_Ride Like the Wind.mp3
27_Zoot Allures.mp3
28_This Is My Story.mp3
29_Whipping Post.mp3
30_Watermelon In Easter Hay.mp3
31_Track 15.mp3
32_Track 16.mp3
Does Humor Belong in Music

cover not available
01_Zoot Allures.mp3
02_Tinsel Town Rebellion.mp3
03_Trouble Every Day.mp3
04_Penguin in Bondage.mp3
05_Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel.mp3
06_What's New in Baltimore-.mp3
07_Cock-Suckers' Ball.mp3
09_Let's Move to Cleveland.mp3
10_Whipping Post.mp3

cover not available
01_Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.mp3
02_Which One Is It-.mp3
04_Do Not Pass Go.mp3
05_Chalk Pie.mp3
07_That's Not Really Reggae.mp3
08_When No One Was No One.mp3
09_Once Again, Without the Net.mp3
10_Outside Now [Original Solo].mp3
11_Jim & Tammy's Upper Room.mp3
12_Were We Ever Really Safe in San Antonio-.mp3
13_That Ol' G Minor Thing Again.mp3
14_Hotel Atlanta Incidentals.mp3
15_That's Not Really a Shuffle.mp3
16_Move It or Park It.mp3
17_Sunrise Redeemer.mp3
18_Variations on Sinister #3.mp3
19_Orrin Hatch on Skis.mp3
20_But Who Was Fulcanelli-.mp3
21_For Duane.mp3
23_Winos Do Not March.mp3
24_Swans- What Swans-.mp3
25_Too Ugly for Show Business.mp3
26_Systems of Edges.mp3
27_Do Not Try This at Home.mp3
28_Things That Look Like Meat.mp3
29_Watermelon in Easter Hay.mp3
30_Canadian Customs.mp3
31_Is That All There Is-.mp3
32_It Ain't Necessarily the Saint James Infirmary.mp3
The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

cover not available
01_Heavy Duty Judy.mp3
02_Ring of Fire.mp3
03_Cosmik Debris.mp3
04_Find Her Finer.mp3
05_Who Needs the Peace Corps-.mp3
06_I Left My Heart in San Francisco.mp3
07_Zomby Woof.mp3
09_Zoot Allures.mp3
10_Mr. Green Genes.mp3
11_Florentine Pogen.mp3
13_Inca Roads.mp3
14_Sofa No. 1.mp3
15_Purple Haze.mp3
16_Sunshine of Your Love.mp3
17_Let's Move to Cleveland.mp3
18_When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.mp3
19_'Godfather Part II' Theme.mp3
20_A Few Moments With Brother A. West.mp3
21_The Torture Never Stops, Pt. 1.mp3
22_Theme from 'Bonanza'.mp3
23_Lonesome Cowboy Burt [Swaggart Version].mp3
24_The Torture Never Stops, Pt. 2.mp3
25_More Trouble Every Day [Swaggart Version].mp3
26_Penguin in Bondage [Swaggart Version].mp3
27_The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue.mp3
28_Stairway to Heaven.mp3
Make a Jazz Noise Here

cover not available
02_When Yuppies Go to Hell.mp3
03_Fire and Chains.mp3
04_Let's Make the Water Turn Black.mp3
05_Harry, You're a Beast.mp3
06_The Orange County Lumber Truck.mp3
07_Oh No.mp3
08_Theme from 'Lumpy Gravy'.mp3
09_Eat That Question.mp3
10_Black Napkins.mp3
11_Big Swifty.mp3
12_King Kong.mp3
13_Star Wars Won't Work.mp3
14_The Black Page.mp3
15_T'Mershi Duween.mp3
16_Dupree's Paradise.mp3
17_City of Tiny Lites.mp3
18_Royal March from l'Histoire du Soldat.mp3
19_Theme from 'The Bartok Piano Concerto #3.mp3
20_Sinister Footwear, 2nd Movement.mp3
21_Stevie's Spanking.mp3
22_Alien Orifice.mp3
23_Cruisin' for Burgers.mp3
24_Romance Advance.mp3
25_Strictly Genteel.mp3
Zappa's Universe

cover not available
01_Elvis Has Just Left the Building.mp3
02_Brown Shoes Don't Make It.mp3
03_The Jazz Discharge Party Hats.mp3
04_Inca Roads.mp3
06_Nite School.mp3
07_Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
08_Hungry Freaks, Daddy.mp3
09_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
10_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
11_Waka-Jawaka [Edit].mp3
13_Dirty Love.mp3
14_Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1967
Tis The Season To Be Jelly

cover not available
01 You Didn't Try To Call Me.mp3
02 Petroushka.mp3
03 Bristol Stomp.mp3
04 Baby Love.mp3
05 Big Leg Emma.mp3
06 No Matter What You Do (Tchakovsky's 6th).mp3
07 Blue Suede Shoes.mp3
08 Hound Dog.mp3
09 Gee.mp3
10 King Kong.mp3
11 It Can't Happen Here.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1969
The Ark

cover not available
01 Big Leg Emma.mp3
02 Some Ballet Music.mp3
03 Status Back Baby.mp3
04 Valarie.mp3
05 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama.mp3
06 Uncle Meat.mp3
07 King Kong.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1970
Freaks & Motherfuckers

cover not available
01 Happy Together.mp3
02 Wino Man (With Dr. John Routine).mp3
03 Concentration Moon.mp3
04 Paladin Routine.mp3
05 Call Any Vegetable.mp3
06 Little House I Used To Live In.mp3
07 Mudshark Variations.mp3
08 Holiday In Berlin.mp3
09 Sleeping In a Jar.mp3
10 Cruising For Burgers.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1973

cover not available
01 Kung Fu.mp3
02 RDNZL.mp3
03 Dupree's Paradise.mp3
04 T'Mershi Duween.mp3
05 Farther O'Blivion.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1974
Unmitigated Audacity

cover not available
01_It Can't Happen Here.mp3
02_Hungry Freaks, Daddy.mp3
03_You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here.mp3
04_How Could I Be Such a Fool-.mp3
05_I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
06_I'm Not Satisfied.mp3
07_Wowie Zowie.mp3
08_Let's Make the Water Turn Black.mp3
09_Harry, You're a Beast.mp3
10_Oh No.mp3
11_More Trouble Every Day.mp3
12_Louie, Louie.mp3
13_Camarillo Brillo.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1978

cover not available
01_Dancin' Fool.mp3
02_Easy Meat.mp3
03_Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me-.mp3
04_Keep It Greasey.mp3
05_Village of the Sun.mp3
06_The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
07_City of Tiny Lites.mp3
08_Pound for a Brown.mp3
09_Bobby Brown.mp3
12_Magic Fingers.mp3
13_Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.mp3
14_Nanook Rubs It.mp3
15_St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast.mp3
16_Bamboozled By Love.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1979
Anyway The Wind Blows

cover not available
Disk I - 01 Watermelon In Easter Hay.mp3
Disk I - 02 Dead Girls Of London.mp3
Disk I - 03 I Ain't Got No Heart.mp3
Disk I - 04 Brown Shoes Don't Make It.mp3
Disk I - 05 Cosmic Debris.mp3
Disk I - 06 Tryin' To Grow A Chin.mp3
Disk I - 07 City Of Tiny Lights.mp3
Disk I - 08 Dancin' Fool.mp3
Disk I - 09 Easy Meat.mp3
Disk II - 01 Jumbo Go Away.mp3
Disk II - 02 Andy.mp3
Disk II - 03 Inca Roads.mp3
Disk II - 04 Florentine Pogen.mp3
Disk II - 05 Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me.mp3
Disk II - 06 Keep It Greasy.mp3
Disk II - 07 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.mp3
Disk II - 08 Another Cheap Aroma.mp3
Disk II - 09 Wet T-Shirt Night.mp3
Disk II - 10 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3
Disk II - 11 Peaches En Regalia.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 1\1982
As An Am

cover not available
01 That Makes Me Mad.mp3
02 Young & Monde.mp3
03 Sharleena.mp3
04 Black Napkins.mp3
05 Black Page.mp3
06 The Torture Never Stops.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1968
Electric Aunt Jemima

cover not available
01_Little House I Used to Live In-Dog Breath-Variations-Blue Danube Waltz.mp3
03_Dog Breath.mp3
04_King Kong.mp3
05_Trouble Every Day.mp3
06_A Pound for a Brown on the Bus.mp3
07_English Tea Dancing Interludes-Plastic People [Louie Louie by Richard].mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1968
Our Man in Nirvana

cover not available
01_Feet Light Up.mp3
02_Bacon Fat.mp3
03_A Pound for a Brown on the Bus.mp3
04_Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
05_The Wild Man Fischer Story.mp3
06_I'm the Meany.mp3
08_King Kong.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1970
At the Circus

cover not available
06_Mother People.mp3
07_Wonderful Wino.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1970
Disconnected Synapses

cover not available
01_Penis Dimension.mp3
02_The Air.mp3
03_The Dog Breath-Mother People.mp3
04_You Didn't Try to Call Me.mp3
05_King Kong.mp3
06_Who Are the Brain Police-.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1971
Swiss Cheese-Fire

cover not available
02_Peaches en Regalia.mp3
03_Tears Began to Fall-She Painted Up Her Face-Half-A-Dozen.mp3
04_Call Any Vegetable.mp3
05_Any Way the Wind Blows.mp3
06_Magdalena-Dog Breath.mp3
07_Give Me Some Floor Covering, Under This Fat, Floating Sofa.mp3
08_A Pound for a Brown (On the Bus).mp3
09_Wonderful Wino-Sharleena-Cruisin' for Burgers.mp3
10_King Kong.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1971
Tengo Na Minchia Tanta

cover not available
01_Does This Kind of Life Look Interesting to You-.mp3
02_A Pound for a Brown on the Bus.mp3
03_Sleeping in a Jar.mp3
04_Improv [With Bits of Johnny's Theme from the Tonight Show].mp3
06_The Sanzini Brothers.mp3
07_What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening-.mp3
08_What King of Girl Do You Think We Are-.mp3
09_Bwana Dik.mp3
10_Latex Solar Beef.mp3
11_Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.mp3
12_Little House I Used to Live In.mp3
13_Holiday in Berlin [With Inca Roads and the Easy Meat Theme].mp3
14_Cruisin' for Burgers.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1977
Conceptual Continuity

cover not available
01_Stinkfoot-Dirty Love-Wind up Workin' in a Gas Station.mp3
02_The Torture Never Stops-City of Tiny Lights.mp3
LIVE\Beat The Boots 2\1978
At the Circus

cover not available
01_A Pound for a Brown (On the Bus).mp3
02_Baby Snakes.mp3
03_Dancin' Fool.mp3
04_Easy Meat.mp3
05_Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me-.mp3
08_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee-.mp3
09_Seal Call Frusion Music.mp3
10_Bobby Brown.mp3
11_I'm on Duty.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 1
cover not available
01_The Florida Airport Tape.mp3
02_Once upon a Time.mp3
03_Sofa No. 1.mp3
04_The Mammy Anthem.mp3
05_You Didn't Try to Call Me.mp3
06_Diseases of the Band.mp3
07_Tryin' to Grow a Chin.mp3
08_Let's Make the Water Turn Black-Harry, You're a Beast-The Orange.mp3
09_The Groupie Routine.mp3
12_I'm the Slime.mp3
13_Big Swifty.mp3
14_Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.mp3
15_Plastic People.mp3
16_The Torture Never Stops.mp3
17_Fine Girl.mp3
18_Zomby Woof.mp3
19_Sweet Leilani.mp3
20_Oh No.mp3
21_Be in My Video.mp3
22_The Deathless Horsie.mp3
23_The Dangerous Kitchen.mp3
24_Dumb All Over.mp3
25_Heavenly Bank Account.mp3
26_Suicide Chump.mp3
27_Tell Me You Love Me.mp3
28_Sofa No. 2.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2
cover not available
01_Tush Tush Tush (A Token of My Extreme).mp3
03_Inca Roads.mp3
05_Village of the Sun.mp3
06_Echidna's Arf (Of You).mp3
07_Don't You Ever Wash That Thing-.mp3
08_Pygmy Twylyte.mp3
09_Room Service.mp3
10_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3
13_Dupree's Paradise.mp3
14_Satumaa [Finnish Tango].mp3
15_T'Mershi Duween.mp3
16_The Dog Breath Variations.mp3
17_Uncle Meat.mp3
18_Building a Girl.mp3
19_Montana (Whipping Floss).mp3
20_Big Swifty.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3
cover not available
02_Bamboozled by Love-Owner of a Lonely Heart.mp3
03_Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up.mp3
04_Advance Romance [1984].mp3
05_Bobby Brown Goes Down.mp3
06_Keep It Greasey.mp3
07_Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me-.mp3
08_In France.mp3
09_Drowning Witch.mp3
10_Ride My Face to Chicago.mp3
11_Carol, You Fool.mp3
12_Chana in de Bushwop.mp3
13_Joe's Garage.mp3
14_Why Does It Hurt When I Pee-.mp3
15_Dickie's Such an Asshole.mp3
16_Hands With a Hammer.mp3
17_Zoot Allures.mp3
18_Society Pages.mp3
19_I'm a Beautiful Guy.mp3
20_Beauty Knows No Pain.mp3
21_Charlie's Enormous Mouth.mp3
22_Cocaine Decisions.mp3
23_Nig Biz.mp3
24_King Kong.mp3
25_Cosmik Debris.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 4
cover not available
01_Little Rubber Girl.mp3
02_Stick Together.mp3
03_My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.mp3
04_Willie the Pimp.mp3
06_Brown Moses.mp3
07_The Evil Prince.mp3
09_Love of My Life.mp3
10_Let's Move to Cleveland [1984].mp3
11_You Call That Music- .mp3
12_Pound for a Brown [Solos 1978].mp3
13_The Black Page [1984].mp3
14_Take Me Out to the Ball Game.mp3
15_Filthy Habits.mp3
16_The Torture Never Stops [Original Version].mp3
17_Church Chat.mp3
18_Stevie's Spanking.mp3
19_Outside Now.mp3
20_Disco Boy.mp3
21_Teen-Age Wind.mp3
22_Truck Driver Divorce.mp3
23_Florentine Pogen.mp3
24_Tiny Sick Tears.mp3
25_Smell My Beard.mp3
26_The Booger Man.mp3
27_Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy.mp3
28_Are You Upset-.mp3
29_Little Girl of Mine.mp3
30_The Closer You Are.mp3
31_Johnny Darling.mp3
32_No, No Cherry.mp3
33_The Man from Utopia Meets Mary Lou.mp3
34_Mary Lou.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5
cover not available
01_The Downtown Talent Scout.mp3
02_Charles Ives.mp3
03_Here Lies Love.mp3
04_Piano-Drum Duet.mp3
05_Mozart Ballet.mp3
06_Chocolate Halvah.mp3
07_JCB & Kansas on the Bus #1.mp3
08_Run Home Slow- Main Title Theme.mp3
09_The Little March.mp3
10_Right There.mp3
11_Where Is Johnny Velvet-.mp3
12_Return of the Hunch-Back Duke.mp3
13_Trouble Every Day.mp3
15_JCB & Kansas on the Bus #2.mp3
16_My Head.mp3
18_Baked-Bean Boogie.mp3
19_Where's Our Equipment-.mp3
20_FZ-JCB Drum Duet.mp3
21_No Waiting for the Peanuts to Dissolve.mp3
22_A Game of Cards.mp3
23_Underground Freak-Out Music.mp3
24_German Lunch.mp3
25_My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.mp3
26_Easy Meat.mp3
27_The Dead Girls of London.mp3
28_Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously-.mp3
29_What's New in Baltimore-.mp3
31_Dancin' Fool.mp3
33_Advance Romance.mp3
34_City of Tiny Lites.mp3
35_A Pound for a Brown on the Bus.mp3
37_Geneva Farewell.mp3
38_Black Page, No. 2.mp3
LIVE\You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
cover not available
01_The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath.mp3
02_The Poodle Lecture.mp3
03_Dirty Love.mp3
04_Magic Fingers.mp3
05_The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival.mp3
06_Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me-.mp3
07_Father O'Blivion.mp3
08_Is That Guy Kidding or What-.mp3
09_I'm So Cute.mp3
10_White Person.mp3
11_Lonely Person Devices.mp3
12_Ms. Pinky.mp3
13_Shove It Right In.mp3
14_Wind up Workin' in a Gas Station.mp3
15_Make a Sex Noise.mp3
16_Tracy Is a Snob.mp3
17_I Have Been in You.mp3
18_Emperor of Ohio.mp3
19_Dinah-Moe Humm.mp3
20_He's So Gay.mp3
21_Camarillo Brillo.mp3
22_Muffin Man.mp3
23_NYC Halloween Audience.mp3
24_The Illinois Enema Bandit.mp3
26_Lobster Girl.mp3
27_Black Napkins.mp3
28_We're Turning Again.mp3
29_Alien Orifice.mp3
30_Catholic Girls.mp3
31_Crew Slut.mp3
32_Tryin' to Grow a Chin.mp3
33_Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance.mp3
34_Lisa's Life Story.mp3
35_Lonesome Cowboy Nando.mp3
36_200 Motels Finale.mp3
37_Strictly Genteel.mp3