Animals - Don't Bring Me Down.mp3
Argent - Hold Your Head Up.mp3
Blues Brothers - Soul Man.mp3
Boston - More Than A Feeling.mp3
Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today.mp3
Clarke, Stanley - Vulcan Princess.mp3
Cocker, Joe - It's High Time We Went.mp3
Cocker, Joe - The Letter.mp3
CrosbyNash - Immigration Man.mp3
Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man.mp3
Focus - Hocus Pocus.mp3
Free - All Right Now.mp3
Grassroots - Fly Me To Havana.mp3
Grassroots - I'd Wait a Million Years.mp3
Grassroots - Let's Live For Today.mp3
Grassroots - Midnight Confessions.mp3
Grassroots - Temptation Eyes.mp3
Hollies - Carrie Anne.mp3
Human Beinz - Nobody But Me.mp3
Ides Of March - Vehicle.mp3
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Crimson And Clover.mp3
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion.mp3
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Draggin' The Line.mp3
KBC - America.mp3
Kingsmen - Louie Louie.mp3
Lobo - She Didn't Do Magic.mp3
Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes (live).mp3
Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes.mp3
Mull, Martin - Normal.mp3
Nitzinger - Louisana Cock Fight.mp3
Nugent,Ted - Stranglehold.mp3
Reed, Jerry - Amos Moses.mp3
Reed, Jerry - When You're Hot, You're Hot.mp3
Robinson, Smokey - The Tears Of A Clown.mp3
Rundgren-Utopia - Freedom Fighters.mp3
Russell, Leon - Stranger In A Strange Land (live).mp3
Seatrain - 13 Questions.mp3
Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard.mp3
Smoke Rise - Survival.mp3
Standells - Dirty Water.mp3
Talking Heads - And She Was.mp3
Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air.mp3
Williams, Mason - Classical Gas.mp3
Monterey International Pop Festival

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01_Along Came Mary.mp3
02_San Franciscan Nights.mp3
03_Homeward Bound [#].mp3
04_The Sounds of Silence [#].mp3
05_Down on Me.mp3
06_Ball and Chain.mp3
07_Section 43.mp3
08_Born in Chicago.mp3
10_Bajabula Bone [Healing Song].mp3
11_Chimes of Freedom.mp3
12_So You Wanna Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star.mp3
13_Somebody to Love.mp3
14_White Rabbit.mp3
17_I've Been Loving You (Too Long).mp3
18_Dhun- Fast Teental [Excerpt].mp3
19_For What It's Worth [#].mp3
20_Summertime Blues.mp3
21_My Generation.mp3
22_The Wind Cries Mary.mp3
23_Like a Rolling Stone.mp3
24_Straight Shooter.mp3
25_San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair).mp3
26_California Dreamin'.mp3

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01_Richie Havens - Freedom.mp3
02_Country Joe McDonald - The 'Fish' Cheer-I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag.mp3
03_Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles.mp3
04_Santana - Soul Sacrifice.mp3
05_Mountain - Blood Of The Sun.mp3
06_Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western.mp3
07_CCR - Commotion.mp3
08_CCR - Green River.mp3
09_CCR - Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do).mp3
10_CCR - I Put A Spell On You.mp3
11_Janis Joplin - Try.mp3
12_Janis Joplin - Work Me Lord.mp3
13_Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain.mp3
14_Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues.mp3
15_Who - We're Not Gonna Take It.mp3
16_Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers.mp3
17_Jefferson Airplane - Eskimo Blue Day.mp3
18_Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love.mp3
19_Jefferson Airplane - Saturday Afternoon-Won't You Try.mp3
20_Jefferson Airplane - Uncle Sam Blues.mp3
21_Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.mp3
22_CSNY - Suite- Judy Blue Eyes.mp3
23_CSNY - Guinnevere.mp3
24_CSNY - Wooden Ships.mp3
25_CSNY - Marrakesh Express.mp3
26_CSNY - 4 + 20.mp3
27_CSNY - Wooden Ships.mp3
28_CSNY - Find The Cost Of Freedom.mp3
29_Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)-Stepping Stone.mp3
30_Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner.mp3
31_Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze.mp3
Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

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01_Captain Kangaroo.mp3
02_The Little Rascals (Good Old Days).mp3
03_The Flintstones.mp3
04_The Woody Woodpecker Show.mp3
05_Bugs Bunny Overture.mp3
06_Casper, the Friendly Ghost.mp3
07_Felix the Cat.mp3
09_Yogi Bear.mp3
10_Magilla Gorilla.mp3
11_Top Cat.mp3
12_The Jetsons.mp3
13_Fireball XL-5.mp3
14_Howdy Doody.mp3
15_The Ballad of Jed Clampett.mp3
16_Petticoat Junction.mp3
17_Green Acres.mp3
18_Mr. Ed.mp3
19_The Munsters.mp3
20_The Addams Family.mp3
21_My Three Sons.mp3
22_The Donna Reed Show (Theme Song).mp3
23_Leave It to Beaver.mp3
24_Dennis the Menace.mp3
25_The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.mp3
26_The Patty Duke Show.mp3
27_The Dick Van Dyke Show.mp3
28_Gilligan's Island (The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle).mp3
29_McHale's Navy.mp3
30_I Dream of Jeannie.mp3
31_I Love Lucy.mp3
32_The Andy Griffith Show.mp3
33_Star Trek.mp3
34_Lost in Space.mp3
35_The Twilight Zone.mp3
36_Alfred Hitchcock Presents.mp3
41_The Rifleman.mp3
45_Rin Tin Tin.mp3
46_Daniel Boone.mp3
47_The Wild Wild West.mp3
48_The Lone Ranger.mp3
49_Happy Trails.mp3
50_Mission- Impossible.mp3
51_The Man from U.N.C.L.E.mp3
52_Get Smart.mp3
53_Secret Agent Man.mp3
54_Dragnet (Theme and March).mp3
55_Perry Mason.mp3
57_The F.B.I.mp3
58_Hawaii Five-O.mp3
59_77 Sunset Strip.mp3
60_Surfside 6.mp3
63_The Mod Squad.mp3
64_The Tonight Show [Johnny's Theme].mp3
65_The Late, Late Show (Synchopated Clock).mp3
Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

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01 - The Three Stooges.mp3
02 - Merrie Melodies.mp3
03 - Rocky & Bullwinkle.mp3
04 - Huckleberry Hound.mp3
05 - Mighty Mouse.mp3
06 - Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse.mp3
07 - Pink Panther.mp3
08 - Road Runner.mp3
09 - George of the Jungle.mp3
10 - Jonny Quest.mp3
11 - Spider-Man.mp3
12 - Underdog.mp3
13 - Looney Tunes.mp3
14 - Peanuts Theme (Linus & Lucy).mp3
15 - Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.mp3
16 - The Odd Couple.mp3
17 - The Courtship of Eddie's Father.mp3
18 - Mary Tyler Moore (Love is All Around).mp3
19 - Gidget.mp3
20 - That Girl.mp3
21 - Betwitched.mp3
22 - Love, American Style.mp3
23 - The Honeymooners.mp3
24 - I Married Joan.mp3
25 - The Monkees.mp3
26 - The Brady Bunch.mp3
27 - The Partridge Family (Come On Get Happy).mp3
28 - My Mother the Car.mp3
29 - Car 54, Where Are You .mp3
30 - It's About Time.mp3
31 - My Favorite Martian.mp3
32 - Jeopardy.mp3
33 - Hogan's Heroes.mp3
34 - Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C..mp3
35 - Rat Patrol.mp3
36 - Twelve O'Clock High.mp3
37 - Time Tunnel.mp3
38 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.mp3
39 - Sea Hunt.mp3
40 - Daktari.mp3
41 - Tarzan.mp3
42 - Adventures of Robin Hood.mp3
43 - Rawhide.mp3
44 - Bat Masterson.mp3
45 - Maverick.mp3
46 - Wagon Train.mp3
47 - Have Gun Will Travel.mp3
48 - The Virginian.mp3
49 - The Rebel.mp3
50 - Peter Gunn.mp3
51 - Route 66.mp3
52 - I Spy.mp3
53 - The Avengers.mp3
54 - The Saint.mp3
55 - Hawaiian Eye.mp3
56 - The Green Hornet.mp3
57 - Outer Limits.mp3
58 - Dark Shadows.mp3
59 - Ben Casey.mp3
60 - Medical Center.mp3
61 - The NBC Mystery Movie.mp3
62 - ABC's Wide World of Sports.mp3
63 - The Jackie Gleason Show.mp3
64 - The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.mp3
65 - Monty Python's Flying Circus.mp3
Back Against the Wall

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01_In the Flesh-.mp3
02_The Thin Ice.mp3
03_Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1.mp3
04_Goodbye Blue Sky.mp3
05_The Happiest Days of Our Lives.mp3
06_Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2.mp3
08_Empty Spaces.mp3
09_Young Lust.mp3
10_One of My Turns.mp3
11_Don't Leave Me Now.mp3
12_Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3.mp3
13_Goodbye Cruel World.mp3
14_Hey You.mp3
15_Is There Anybody Out There-.mp3
16_Nobody Home.mp3
18_Bring the Boys Back Home.mp3
19_Comfortably Numb.mp3
20_The Show Must Go On.mp3
21_In the Flesh.mp3
22_Run Like Hell.mp3
23_Waiting for the Worms.mp3
25_The Trial.mp3
26_Outside the Wall.mp3
12-12-12-The Concert for Sandy Relie

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03_Roger Waters_The Happiest Days of Our Lives-Another Brick in the Atlantic Wall-Jean Char.mp3
04_Roger Waters_Us and Them.mp3
05_Roger Waters_Comfortably Numb.mp3
09_Eric Clapton_Got to Be Better in a Little While.mp3
10_Eric Clapton_Crossroads.mp3
11_Rolling Stones_You Got Me Rocking.mp3
12_Rolling Stones_Jumpin' Jack Flash.mp3
14_Who_Who Are You.mp3
15_Who_Baba O'Riley.mp3
16_Who_Love ReignO'er Me.mp3
23_McCartney_Helter Skelter.mp3
Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon

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1_Speak to me Breathe.mp3
2_On the run.mp3
4_The great gig in the sky.mp3
6_Us and them.mp3
7_Any color you like.mp3
8_ Brain Damage.mp3