Entering the Spectra

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01_The Little Man.mp3
02_Entering the Spectra.mp3
03_The Spirit Remains the Same.mp3
04_Cyberdust From Mars.mp3
05_Space Race No. 3.mp3
06_The Man in the Moon Cries.mp3
07_One Whole Half.mp3
08_Is This the End_.mp3
09_Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major.mp3
10_Welcome to Paradise.mp3
Wheel of Life

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01_Masterplan, Pt. 1.mp3
02_Alex in Paradise.mp3
03_At the Speed of Light.mp3
04_Do U Tango-.mp3
05_Where the Earth Meets the Sky.mp3
07_Wheel of Life.mp3
08_Masterplan, Pt. 2.mp3
Who's the Boss in the Factory

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01. Send a Message From the Heart.mp3
02. Let in Hollywood.mp3
03. Who's the Boss in the Factory_.mp3
04. Two Blocks From the Edge.mp3
05. Eternally Part 1.mp3
06. Eternally Part 2.mp3
In a Perfect World

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01. 1969.mp3
02. Turn It Up.mp3
03. When the World Is Caving In.mp3
04. Can't Take It With You.mp3
05. There's Nothing Wrong With the World.mp3
06. Bite the Grit.mp3
07. When Fear Came to Town.mp3