Live at Winterland '68

cover not available
01_Down on Me.mp3
02_Flower in the Sun.mp3
03_I Need a Man to Love.mp3
04_Bye Bye Baby.mp3
05_Easy Rider.mp3
06_Combination of the Two.mp3
07_Farewell Song.mp3
08_Piece of My Heart.mp3
09_Catch Me Daddy.mp3
10_Magic of Love.mp3
11_Summertime [From Porgy and Bess].mp3
12_Light Is Faster Than Sound.mp3
13_Ball and Chain.mp3
14_Down on Me.mp3
Greatest Hits

cover not available
01_Piece of My Heart.mp3
03_Try (Just a Little Bit Harder).mp3
04_Cry Baby.mp3
05_Me and Bobby McGee.mp3
06_Down on Me.mp3
07_Get It While You Can.mp3
08_Bye Bye Baby.mp3
09_Move Over.mp3
10_Ball and Chain.mp3