Moanin' in the Moonlight

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01_Moanin' at Midnight.mp3
02_How Many More Years.mp3
03_Smokestack Lightning.mp3
04_Baby How Long.mp3
05_No Place to Go.mp3
06_All Night Boogie (All Night Long).mp3
08_I'm Leaving You.mp3
09_Moanin' for My Baby.mp3
10_I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline).mp3
12_Somebody in My Home.mp3
Howlin' Wolf

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01_Shake for Me.mp3
02_The Red Rooster.mp3
03_You'll Be Mine.mp3
04_Who's Been Talking-.mp3
05_Wang Dang Doodle.mp3
06_Little Baby.mp3
08_Goin' Down Slow.mp3
09_Down in the Bottom.mp3
10_Back Door Man.mp3
11_Howlin' for My Baby.mp3
12_Tell Me.mp3
The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions

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01_Rockin' Daddy.mp3
02_I Ain't Superstitious.mp3
03_Sitting on Top of the World.mp3
04_Worried About My Baby.mp3
05_What a Woman!.mp3
06_Poor Boy.mp3
07_Built for Comfort.mp3
08_Who's Been Talking-.mp3
09_Red Rooster.mp3
10_The Red Rooster.mp3
11_Do the Do.mp3
12_Highway 49.mp3
13_Wang Dang Doodle.mp3