Trout Mask Replica

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02_The Dust Blows Forward 'N the Dust Blows Back.mp3
03_Dachau Blues.mp3
04_Ella Guru.mp3
05_Hair Pie- Bake 1.mp3
06_Moonlight in Vermont.mp3
07_Pachuco Cadaver.mp3
08_Bills Corpse.mp3
09_Sweet Sweet Bulbs.mp3
10_Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish.mp3
11_China Pig.mp3
12_My Human Gets Me Blues.mp3
13_Dali's Car.mp3
14_Hair Pie- Bake 2.mp3
17_When Big Joan Sets Up.mp3
18_Fallin' Ditch.mp3
19_Sugar 'N Spikes.mp3
20_Ant Man Bee.mp3
21_Orange Claw Hammer.mp3
22_Wild Life.mp3
23_She's Too Much for My Mirror.mp3
24_Hobo Chang Ba.mp3
25_The Blimp.mp3
26_Steal Softly Thru Snow.mp3
27_Old Fart at Play.mp3
28_Veteran's Day Poppy.mp3