Color CD Cover

Bruce Clendenin - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Flute, Jug, etc.
R. Mageddon - Lyrics and Concepts
Mike Musal - Drums on live performances

Dana Whitehead - Vocals on Dream On, Piece Of My Heart, Somebody To Love
Mike Itishiki - Fiddle on Alexander Hamilton
John "Hootis McGrootis" Oldaker - Banjo on Alexander Hamilton
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Disc One
Kaleidoscope 5:30 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Color 0:43 MP3 - L/N
Suffer Me No More Lifetimes (lord) 3:25 MP3 Slide Show L/N
10,000 Saucers 6:16 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Early Morning Maiden 3:53 MP3 Slide Show L/N
To Ours 3:23 MP3 - L/N
Alexander Hamilton 2:20 MP3 - L/N
Chronicles 15:26 MP3 - L/N
All The Differents 3:00 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Trio For Flute 1:40 MP3 - L/N
The Only Dance 8:34 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Druids Do It 1:16 MP3 - L/N
Color (acoustic) 0:31 MP3 - L/N
Planetary Breakdown 11:43 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Giant Among Men 10:24 MP3 - L/N
Disc Two
Color (electric) 1:06 MP3 - L/N
Twilight Tribal Trial 9:09 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Country Pie 2:09 MP3 - L/N
Home Again (Bird Of Love) 4:08 MP3 - L/N
Rapids 6:33 MP3 - L/N
Clockwork 3:40 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Automotive Breakdown 2:51 MP3 - L/N
A Scent Of Jasmine 3:55 MP3 - L/N
Times Of Greater Quiet 11:05 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Lament In D min 2:20 MP3 - L/N
Approximately Starshine 6:46 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Birds 1:08 MP3 - L/N
Green Faire 3:32 MP3 - L/N
She's Got Everything 1:25 MP3 Slide Show L/N
The Next Day 16:24 MP3 Slide Show L/N
Disc Three (Color Copies)
Layla Eric Clapton 4:32 MP3
Good Morning, Good Morning The Beatles 2:30 MP3
Mood For A Day Yes (Steve Howe) 2:24 MP3
You And Me Moody Blues 4:30 MP3
Substitute The Who 3:49 MP3
Dream On Aerosmith 4:23 MP3
Gaudete Steeleye Span 1:59 MP3
Keep Yourself Alive Queen 3:44 MP3
Jewish (excerpts) Spirit 0:57 MP3
Idiot Bastard Son Zappa/Mothers 2:24 MP3
Sonata No 9 Beethoven 3:07 MP3
The Big Money Rush 5:28 MP3
Once In A Lifetime Talking Heads 3:54 MP3
Piece Of My Heart Janis Joplin 4:15 MP3
Horizons Genesis (Steve Hackett) 1:33 MP3
For Michael Collins, Jeffery & Me Jethro Tull 3:45 MP3
In The Mood Glenn Miller 1:11 MP3
No Time The Guess Who 3:30 MP3
Classical Gas Mason Williams 3:34 MP3
We Can Work It Out The Beatles 2:10 MP3
Northern Lights Renaissance 4:41 MP3
Somebody To Love Jefferson Airplane 3:00 MP3